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Weird Things You Probably Didn\'t Know About Greece
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Weird Things You Probably Didn\'t Know About Greece:

1. You have to turn on the water heater from the fuse box 20 mins. before you take a shower to ensure a hot shower

2. When you turn on the hot water in the shower, it will not only be hot, it will be SCORCHING

3. They don’t have a good plumbing system, so you have to throw your used toilet paper in the garbage, you can’t flush it

4. You don’t want to look in the garbage, especially when you have 3 female roommates

5. Everyone dresses really well, yet they smell really bad

6. There is no lettuce in Greek salads. It traditionally consists of tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, red onions, black olives and, my favorite part, a block of feta cheese… all drenched in oil and some black pepper.

7. To flush our toilet you have to pull a chain down from the ceiling

8. They don’t have too many power outlets in one room. My room actually only has 2.

9. Wifi is pretty easy to come by, unlike Spain which was scarce in wireless internet.

10. The natives will start speaking English to you as soon as you approach them; they don’t even pretend to believe you are one of them for even a second

11. It is so freaking hot in the middle of the day, hotter than you have ever experienced living in the States.

12. There are some days where it is pretty cool outside, I tend to overexagerate

13. They are the only European country not to dub American movies. They watch films in English with Greek subtitles, although it takes months for new movies to be released here.

14. Every street is uphill or downhill, you can’t avoid it.

15. They take siestas just like in Spain, they even use the same word for it… I think.

16. Cherries and pistachios seem to be abundant

17. The men are all pretty good looking, but the women tend to be a little off looking

18. Older woman still care about their appearance, a lot of the time they dress better than any of the younger people I have seen

19. They graffiti all over the monuments.

20. They sell everything at the street kiosks

21. They have everything in juiceboxes, including coffee, which of course I loveeeeeee

22. When they say “It’s around the corner,” “It’s right over here,” or “It’s just down the block” prepare yourself for 20+ minutes more of walking

23. The museum gift shops are out of the way to get to, as opposed to in America where you “conveniently” end your tour right next to the gift shop

24. They call bathrooms “water chambers” or “W.C.s”

25. Greek men feel the need to make kissing faces at random girls as they pass by, never meaning anything by it, that it just their way

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