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Carlton Draugh commercial It\'s a big ad
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Carlton Draugh commercial It\'s a big ad

Uploaded by IndianTVCs on Feb 1, 2012

The making of Carlton Draught's "Big Ad".

Uploaded by funkuncle999 on Mar 24, 2010
The making of Carlton Draught\'s Big Ad (2005). Short film directed by Ant Keogh, the writer of Big Ad. This film was created for students. \"Ever since Big Ad, I began filming the making of any interesting ads I write or direct, for use when taking to students. People sometimes ask me why I started filming this even before the ad was made and the answer is, a few days before this was filmed we presented a very similar idea to Fosters which they loved but couldn\'t run, because it was too contentious (for a reason I won\'t explain here) but we figured out how to solve that particular problem, in fact the new version was better- so I pretty much knew they would go for this.\" Please ask permission for use : antkeogh (at) funkuncle.com or antkeogh.com
Credits for ad: Agency: George Patterson, Melbourne. Writer: Ant Keogh (Clemenger BBDO Melb). Art Director Grant Rutherford (DDB). Director: Paul Middleditch (Plaza Films).

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