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subject Paul Draper Interview 2004

폴드레이퍼 새로운 인터뷰..(해석은 절대 못하고..약간의 나의 말참견이,,)

2004.12.14. 23:11
요즘 글이 뜸하군요
오랜만에 놀러간 홈피에 새 인터뷰가 올라왔네요
잘 살고 있는듯.

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Paul Draper

HeathenAngel was offered the opportunity to send in some questions to ex-Mansun frontman, Paul Draper, so we cobbled together the semblance of an interview and sent it off. Here’s what Paul returned …

HeathenAngel: Mansun, it all seemed to be going so well, the split seemed to come out of nowhere. What happened?
Paul: There were problems internally in the band that drifted on for ages until it wasn’t possible to carry on anymore.

HA: It's nearly nine years since "Take It Easy Chicken" was released. If someone back then had told you where you'd be today, what do you think you would have said to them?
Paul: Well I’m sort of back where I started, not really doing much, but hopefully I’ll get some music out soon.

HA: What do you think of the current quote being passed around that Mansun were the "king of all cult bands"?
Paul: I suppose that’s coz we were a bit different and not mainstream. I just thought we didn’t follow the fashion, but now I realise to be successful you have to follow the fashion and operate within narrow parameters of what’s termed 'creativity'.

HA: Have you found that you miss being in Mansun or do you prefer being solo?
Paul: I’d had enough so I’m enjoying doing my own thing right now.
                    ㅠㅠ 그래두 맨선마지막 콘서트라도 한번했었더라면 ~

HA: Have you kept in contact with the others since Mansun split? What are they doing?
Paul: Andy is playing with other bands, Chad’s left the music industry, Stove works on the production line at a Toyota engine factory in my home town of Deeside in North Wales. 스토브이름 드디어 언급하는군요 .채드는 안타깝군요.내 밴드의 기타리스트로 쓰려
          고 했었는데,,,,,

HA: Why has the decision been made to release Kleptomania now?
Paul: Parlophone have been planning to put some unreleased stuff out for a while, it just took some time for the split to heal and to get all the tapes together.

HA: Was Kleptomania a record company decision, Mansun's decision or a joint effort?
Paul: A petition was sent in by fans to release it, I think Parlophone were easy either way, I went along with putting it out as I didn’t want to let anybody down again.
         참내 ~서명운동이 있었다고 몇번을 말해?이질문만 골백번들은듯.

HA: Have you enjoyed working on Kleptomania? Annotating the sleeve notes etc?
Paul: It was tough sifting through the tracks because everything was so unfinished, but if people want to hear a work in progress then I don’t mind to much.

HA: Whose choice of single was Slipping Away? If not yours then do you agree with the choice?
Paul: It was a spur of the moment thing, if the band had still been together we would have put out Love Remains. 역시 활동했다면 러브 리메인즈..폴이 깡총깡총 뛰어다니며
  불렀을듯...시,,,신발....죽도록 보고싶은 이맘엔  조금도 거짓이 없다는~

HA: Slipping Away seems to sound quite commercial in comparison with previous Mansun releases. Was this an intentional direction, can we expect more of this sort of sound from Kleptomania?
Paul: I guess that’s why we chose it, because nobody would play it on the radio so you’ll only be able to hear it a few times on XFM, etc ... so being commercial it helps.

HA What have you been doing with yourself since Mansun split up?
Paul: Travelling and writing. 흠..제발 혼자 여행했기를,,

HA: We heard you've been doing some work with Skin, how did that come about? Was it enjoyable to work with her?
Paul: We wrote a few tracks together, I enjoyed it very much as she’s a lovely person. 좋겠다 스킨!!!!!레즈비언만아니었음 나의 엄청난 저주를 받았을터.
                                         나도 스컹크어낸시 팬이엇으므로 무효~
                                         흐~그냥 프로듀싱해준게 아니라 곡을 같이 쓴거였군요!
                                         타이틀은 별로던데...

HA You haven't played live since the final Mansun tour two years ago, is that something you'd like to get back to?
Paul: When my album comes out I’ll go and play live, probably next year
            았싸 !라이브 보러갑시다.내년까진 앨리스김에게 서양인꼬시는법을 전수받아야할텐데~아참 니콜라스 할배 오늘 출국한댔나?

HA: Do you have any plans to release solo material at the moment?
Paul: Hopefully, but only if it’s good, I’m not going to put any old crap out.
                                                                호호호~다들 grind를 떠올리고있다는,,

HA: Where do you'll think you'll be in another nine years time? Where would you LIKE to be?
Paul: Probably finishing my solo album, but I’d really like to be in bed being lazy.
                                                            풋 귀여워라~ 설마 그 침대에 여자랑...ㅡㅡ

HA: Thank you very much for taking time to answer our questions and best of luck with Kleptomania and all your forthcoming projects.
Paul: No problem, thanks 4 being interested.고맙긴 ..내가 더 고맙지  어~흑

Thanks to Mike Gourlay for passing on and returning the questions, and particularly Paul Draper for taking the time to respond.


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