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name 格劃
subject Paul Draper,pre Mansun, Grind

焼戚巨***, After 3 years or so an update blimey!! Well there has been quite a lot of interest on Paul's work with first band Grind on the Paul Draper facebook group, people have been asking to see more clips and mp'3s so i had a sniff about and found the full and original videos posted some time ago by Steve Heaton (the one with the amazing hair) Paul's former band mate, all the MP3's and videos are available to download now in the media section, but i'll put up the best here, which include Epic (8mins of Draper's underrated guitar skills) and Lantern where you can watch Paul dancing!! (not sure he'll like that one mind) any questions or requests for more media email me at and i'll try my best, enjoy..

戚訓 五析戚 尽製... 幾霜馬陥左艦 戚訓 依亀 閤焼左澗澗姥蟹せせせせせ

悦汽 糎蟹.. 陥錘閤生形檎 食掩 亜醤鞠澗汽 照せ銀せ 誓...??
(+歯混拭 級嬢亜艦猿 吉陥 せせ陥錘 刃戟!!)

grind拭 企廃 凪戚走澗 食奄拭辞

Believe or not, this is a rare recording of Paul Draper before Mansun! Grind were: Steve Heaton, keyboards, programming, Paul Draper, vocals, guitar and Carlton Hibbert (off and on) drums, percussion.
I won this 12" at eBay. Actually, I lost the bid but the seller Ian had a duplicate. He says he knew Paul when he was in this band.
Before you ask, no, I can't make a CD-R copy nor MP3 of this record for various reasons, you know. But you can listen to MP3s of demos and lost tracks at Steve Heaton's Grind site.
All I can say is Paul sounds exactly like Mansun! Just imagine "Little Kix" song on gound beat. Sounds a bit like "I Can't Only Disappoint You Oakenfold mix" only much better! I just couldn't believe Paul sounded so mature, so skillful in such early days. His divine voice and melodious tune haven't changed a bit. What a talented little broke he was!
Ian kindly sent me Grind live pix for "private use". I'll show you one secretly here. So don't tell him! ;-)

食奄辞 Steve Heaton's Grind site拭 元滴亜 杏形赤澗汽 企端.. 乞馬澗 紫戚闘昔走研 侯畏製;; 乞走;;

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