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'Six' refers to Patrick McGoohan's character he created for himself in the 1960s TV show, 'The Prisoner'. His character was simply known as Number 6 and he was a prisoner in a village. Of course the album title is actually referring to myself. After all the madness of 'Attack of the Grey Lantern' hitting number 1 in the album charts this is what I'd felt I'd become; living in hotels, airports and tour buses, a prisoner of a commercial record. I wasn't going to compromise myself for the next one and it was going to be different, very different. No drum loops, no choruses, nothing remotely connected to what was going in the music scene or pop music of the day, certainly nothing commercial that would make me feel like that prisoner again. I didn't know what I wanted to achieve actually. I just knew I felt like a prisoner of the whole commercial treadmill. I felt compromised. It didn't sit right with me.

Six는 Patrick McGoohan의 캐릭터에 대해 언급해요. 그는 1960년대 자신을 위한 TV쇼 'The Prisoner'를 만들죠. 그의 캐릭터는 간단히 숫자 6으로 알려져 있어요, 그는 마을의 포로였죠. 물론 앨범 타이틀은 정말 나를 나타내는 거에요. 어쨌든 'Attack of the Grey Lantern'의 광기는 앨범 차트 1위를하는데 이건 제가 호텔 생활, 공항과 투어버스, 상업적 음반의 포로가 될 수도 있다고 느끼게 했어요. 저는 다음 앨범을 위해 자존심 버리는 짓은 하지 않았어요. 그리고 정말 많이 달라지게 되었죠. 드럼 루프가 없고, 코러스도 없고, 당시의 뮤직씬이나 대중가요에서 일어나는 것과 관련된건 전혀 없었어요. 제가 해내고 싶은게 뭔지 정말로 몰랐어요. 저는 단지 제가 거대한 상업적 쳇바퀴의 포로라고 느낄 뿐이었죠. 거부반응을 일으켰죠. 그건 제게 맞는 자리가 아니었어요.

My interest in 'The Prisoner' goes back to being a child, a connection of where you're at and where you're from. As a kid I moved from Liverpool to Deeside in North Wales in the 70s. We used to go out exploring North Wales and my most vivid memory is going to Portmeirion, a small town on the North Wales coast. It's an Italianate village built by the Welsh architect Clough William-Ellis. It sparked my interest in architecture at an early age. I'd seen nothing like it... As a kid I became obsessive about this place, and if you haven't been there you should go. It's so cool you have to pay to get in! 'The Prisoner' was a TV show filmed in the village itself. 'The Prisoner' was about a spy who resigned from the British authorities and someone kidnapped him and dumped him in 'The Village' where he was pumped for information about why he resigned. It was allegory for real life. As is the Six album.

'The Prisoner'에 대한 저의 관심은 저를 어린시절로 돌아가게 해요, 여러분이 나고 자란곳으로 부터의 연결이죠. 어린시절 저는 1970년대에 Liverpool에서 North Wales의 Deeside로 이사가요. 우리는 North Wales를 탐험하곤했죠 그리고 저의 가장 강렬한 기억은 Portmeirion을 가는 거였는데, North Wales연안에있는 작은 마을이에요. 그곳은 웨일즈의 건축가 Clough William-Ellis에 의해 건설된 이태리스러운 마을이었어요. 그건 제가 어린나이에 건축에대한 흥미를 자극시켰죠. 그 때까지 그런걸 본 적이 없었어요.. 어린애였던 저는 그 장소에 강박 관념을 일으키게 되었는데, 만일 여러분들이 그곳에 가본적이 없다면 꼭 가봐야해요. 거긴 정말 멋져요 여러분은 거기 들어가려면 돈내야되요!ㅋㅋ 'The Prisoner'는 그 마을에서 촬영한 TV쇼에요. 'The Prisoner'는 영국 당국에서 사임당한 사람과 그를 납치해서 그가 왜 사임당했는지에 대해 유도심문당한 '그 마을'에 내던진 누군가에 대한 프로에요. 그것은 현실을 비유한 이야기죠. 식스 앨범에 있는 그대로에요.

By coincidence Chad was reading a book of childrens verses at the time called 'Now We Are Six' by A A Milne. A A Milne lived at Cotchford Farm in East Sussex where he wrote the Winnie the Pooh books, which have some underlying Taoist philosophies. Chad's interest in Cotchford Farm came from his interest in Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, who bought Cotchford Farm in the late sixties and was found dead in the swimming pool there in 1969. The track 'Witness to a Murder Pt II' refers to the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Brian, and Chad was close with some old friends of Brian's. Now I'm trying to piece together how it all came about but it became obvious that there were too many 6's knocking around, so 'Six' it was!

그때 채드와 우연히 A A Milne이 쓴 'Now We Are Six'란 어린이용 책을 읽었어요. A A Milne은 East Sussex의 Cotchford Farm에 살았는데, 그곳은 그가 도교 철학 요소를 가지고있는 책인 Winnie the Pooh를 썼던 곳이죠. Cotchford Farm에대한 채드의 관심은 Rolling Stones의 Brian Jones에 대한 관심에서 비롯되었는데, Brian Jones는 60년대 후반에 Cotchford Farm를 샀던 사람이고 1969년 수영장에서 죽은채로 발견되었죠.  'Witness to a Murder Pt II'는 Brian의 죽음을 둘러싼 음모론에 대해 얘기해요, 채드는 Brian의 오랜 친구들과 긴밀한 사이였죠. 난 이제 어떻게 이런 일이 일어나게 되었는지 종합하려 하지만, 그것은 너무 많은 6의 노크가 주위에 있었다는것이 명백해질 뿐이에요, 그래서 'Six'가 생겨난거구요!


폴 정말.. 누가 덕후 아니랠까봐 ㅋㅋ

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