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subject Greg Downey & Paul Draper

The "new" single Mansun

It sells in stores digital re-recording the group has made "(I'm In A) Wide Open Space" with Greg Downey.

As previously reported in Zona Musical, thirteen years after its publication, Mansun has reissued its debut album, "Attack Of The Grey Lantern" (No. 1 in the UK) in a "Collector's Edition" with three CD's. The first one includes the original album remastered and the other two songs from their EP's previous, live versions, acoustic and alternatives; faces B, "Everyone Must Win", the song leader Mansun, Paul Draper, co-wrote with Howard Devoto, Magazine, a new remix of "(I'm In A) Wide Open Space" by Greg Downey and texts written by Draper.

The remixes that Irish DJ and producer Greg Downey has been performed "(I'm In A) Wide Open Space" is now put on sale as part of a digital single now available on iTunes and Beatport:


Greg Downey & Mansun
Wide Open Space (NewState)

Shockingly, it's 14 years since 'Wide Open Space' - helped by an at-his-peak Oakey remix - leapt the indie/dance fence. The track's vocals haven't aged a day and Greg Downey has capitalized on that for his Mansun bring-back. The tone of the mix is more 'up' than Perfecto's, but stops short of euphoric or (heaven forbid) commercial. Long and short, it's just great to hear it coming out of the speakers again.

뭐야 근데 그렉 다우니 잘생겨써!?!?


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